Ambulatory Surgery Center’s – Not Your Typical Tenant Improvement

February 13th, 2011

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It never ceases to amaze us the amount of calls and questions we receive from our clients and physicians, looking to open a new or refurbish their existing Ambulartory Surgery Center, regarding the design and construction standards required by current Building Codes and State Accreditation / Certification for such a facility. These questions typically bring to light many other questions regarding the type of building construction and surrounding occupancies, total square footage of the ASC, number of O.R.’s, hours of patient stay, power back-up requirements, as well as the following items for State Certifications:

  • Licensing Procedures
  • Record Keeping
  • Patient Drop-Off Areas and Access to ASC
  • Fire Resistivity and Separations between Occupancies
  • Mixing Functions with others spaces – allowed in select conditions
  • Recovery Room Requirements
  • CLIA Approved and Certified Laboratory Services

It should be noted that these questions for requirements are best answered by a thorough review and visit of the new or existing facility, as in most cases the answers vary depending on the type of practice and procedures being performed. It is also recommended these questions be answered by a Qualified Design Team having experience with such facilities.

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