About Us

Our success in Medical Design is defined by our beliefs:

  • We believe in making physicians and nurses workdays easier as well as increase facility revenue at the same time.
  • We believe in serving our clients as well as their patients best interest – medical design and space planning that make its patients feel at ease in a home environment to assist the healing process.
  • We believe that improving patient flow through a space improves the patients experience of their visit.
  • We believe in Experienced Based Medical Design – bringing patients and staff together to share the role of improving care and re-design services. Through thorough evaluation of patients experiences at certain points of their care lead to improvement and refinement of design.
  • Lastly… We believe in making each project a success.

Known for our innovative operational approach and exclusive focus on medical facilities, we help clients create intelligent design and workflow solutions that translate to:

  • Higher productivity
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Lower operating cost percentages
  • More time with patients
  • More effective time for physicians

Our Approach

Our innovative and functional approach to analyzing and designing medical facilities will be recognized immediately.  Varisco Designs Medical is committed to providing an objective assessment of your practices needs.  As part of the process, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your organization’s goals; measure current effectiveness; and then determine the design model necessary to optimize clinical efficiency.

To evaluate, diagnose and treat patients effectively, your facility must be analyzed, planned and designed effectively.


  1. Maximize your revenue – producing potential while establishing an environment that attracts and retains patients.
  2. Get it right the first time.  We know your time and resources are valuable, and we treat them that way.  We ask the right questions on the front-end so there are no surprises on the back-end.
  3. Make your life a little easier.  If physicians and medical staff are working in a space designed for efficiency, communications are streamlined, more time is spent on patient care, and more time is spent on revenue producing activities – all of which translates to a little easier life for you – maybe you’ll even get to go home a little earlier.

We Believe in the four S’s of Production:

  • Style – each doctor has a unique style.
  • Systems – a practice’s systems can enhance production.
  • Staffing – nobody can do it alone, and delegating to the right people will make all the difference.
  • Space –  Efficient space planning that’s properly equipped is essential for efficient patient flow.

Services we provide: